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Letraset? ChartPak? Get off!!

Your REAL color rubdowns and dry transfers are available here.

An absolute must for clean prototype production, single color and multicolor image-only rubdowns that can be over-coated with a variety of lacquers, varnishes, polyurethanes, enamels and acrylics. Our image-only rubdowns are membrane-free. Created DIRECTLY from YOUR vector art (Illustrator, Freehand, Corel or CAD files).

Don't want rubs? How about digital shrinkwrap? Digital on YUPO? Digital hybrids on FOIL? Digital on cellophane?

Huh? Think we've been stumped before? NaDa!

General Mills, Pillsbury and 3M couldn't bury us - maybe YOU can!

See how our products have been torture tested at and above Mach 3!

The rocket did not survive the record altitude attempt - but our onboard rubdowns did!

LINK WARNING: R rated video (Violence, Language)

LOUD MPEG video file (WARNING: includes two expletives).

NOTE: Video/Audio stream is set for 512 Broadband connections IF you have a slower connection OR your video is choppy then set your Media Player to buffer 60 seconds and then replay fresh from the link.


The Color Guys, Inc.

Why risk a first page, first impression bios that could be considered substandard?

Well, our thinking is two-fold: a) if you see all of our evidentiary faults straight away, then you won't predictably expect an inhumane level of quality and service; b) if we don't bear our weaknesses front and center - how then can you really trust us? Are we really naive enough to believe that (ACK!) your livelihood is inseparable from ours? YES! So what kind of cockeyed economic thinking could this be? 

What we want to convince you of is that our loyalty and dedication is supremely submitted towards your success - because we fully recognize that your success is welded to the future of our success - we never confuse the two.

Who we are:

We lay as proof before your eyes this following unflattering photo of our humble beginnings.

It was here, in the early beginnings under regimens of the German structures of proprietary Identicolor® trade that John and I would have our integrity forged on hot metal, repeatedly hammered into submission upon the cold iron anvil of profit margins. We rejoiced in submission, bending our knees to experience and the joys of mentored apprenticeship.

circa: 1977 "Headliners/Identicolor of the Twin Cities" (background: lovingly hand mixed colors by these very lads)

L-R: John and Dean

"Why a B&W photo of two guys who have spent their lives in color?" Hmmm...do you really need to think about it?

Editor's note: Defacement of this picture was the obvious work of the employees of the evil LITHO department - but never proven. Color proofers coined the phrase, "Litho Scum" to describe those dime-a-dozen 'union attitude' workers - concerned more for their wage than for their integrity.

"We exploited the nature of each [graphic production platform] ad nauseam...often with comical...even legendary results!"

Both of us, fresh out of high school in 1972 were captured by the twisted and furiously demented minds of the graphic production community (never to escape). Our first graphic employment was to match color and to match it accurately. We spent the remainder of the 70's decade laboriously mesmerized by all of the problems that dwell (like bridge trolls) in the dark and mountainous terrains of color proofing. In the early throes of our struggles, issues such as the diabolical color realities of 'metamerism', 'light source wave shifts' and 'pigment coalescence' would lend themselves to us as nothing more than distant futuristic epiphanies.

Having come into accredited color theory knowledge and out of the times of ignorance has not however dispelled our humbled experience that "the process" is the master...and we are but the servants. We still believe in "the curse'...an 'entity' otherwise unknown as 'an unexpected event in the process of color proofing un-attributable to any previous definable source'. "The Curse" is known to inhabit ONLY the same space-time continuum slot as projects bearing "Hot Rush" labels. After three plus decades of our determined observance of this entity (The Curse) we are entirely convinced it is an entity sent to perfect us - observed in the scrolls of Solomon as, "iron sharpens iron, so one another". Some often will refer to 'The Curse' mistakenly as 'fate' or 'destiny'...such as the story of the old preacher who, at 78, fell down a whole flight of 25 stairs and, arriving at the bottom of the stairs was heard to say, "Uffdah - I'm sure glad that's over!"

John and I matured through the bleeding-feet-climbing-on-rock experience of the color proofing road rather than through enlightened education. The only deadlines that rival advertising deadlines are those faced by firemen, police and paramedics...and that - is debatable. Through it all, we have had to produce, troubleshoot-on-the-fly, solve, alter, patch and deliver graphic products and after more than thirty years I can count the failures on less than one hand.

We were first trained in creating the original Identicolor and IdentiCAL graphic production products before we eventually tackled all of the wider scopes of color proofing production platforms: Chromatec and ChromaSLICK and Final Proof, ColorEase, MatroColor, PinWheel, Krueger-Brent, MetroColor, TransCAL, P&P, Fabco, Opticolor, Dupont Chromalin, Chromacheck and WaterProof, 3M Matchprint and Rainbow and Kodak Approval (to name a few) and there were other variations and vendors we can (thankfully) no longer remember.

Every one of the graphic platforms we dirtied our hands (and minds) with has had their peculiar sets of strengths and weaknesses. To the opportunistic and seasoned artist, even a platform weakness can be exploited to intended results when a client needs a desired behavior in their end product. We exploited the nature of each one ad nauseam - often with comical - even legendary results! Unintended product adventures like our misguided creation of IndentiGOO will luckily never appear in the CDC (Center For Disease Control) files because we killed it as soon after we created it - having recognized it as hostile to life on earth.

Total graphic mockup and color production services

Credit cards accepted

Who we aren't

We DO NOT have 'previously undocumented' nor documented proof of conspiracies regarding the: Kennedy assassination, Lincoln assassination, Illuminati & Rothschild Conspiracy, location of Hoffa's body or the face on Mars.

We DO NOT have secret documents on Karl Rove, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton, Bush National Guard records, UFO's, crop circles nor occult or witchcraft sources for supernatural ceremonies and rituals involving human cloning or animal sacrifice.

We DO NOT transact business in either the nude or 'babe' trade unless it is the works of Renaissance art with proper copyright permissions.

We DO NOT transact business in either the celebrity or 'actress' images or photo trade unless it is classic retro-reproduction work with proper copyright permissions.



l Spot color rubdown or multi-color transfers, decals, labels, direct proofs for prototype heros, comps, props for photo, film, video shoot productions. Pantone, Toyo, custom match colors per swatch OR/AND CMYK & CcMmYKk digital color outputs.

l Giclée printing from your digital art OR from your scanned originals.

l Giclée prints for sale from our exclusive stable of artists

l 3D modeling, mesh models, nurbs, 3D animation, graphics for broadcast, publication, interactive or web design.

l From PC or Mac file, all applications, camera ready art, sketch, layout, storyboard or model.

l DV/Audio production, editing and presentation (DVD, VCD, CD-ROM, VHS, PowerPoint).

Color rubdowns, direct to stock proofs and large format digital color from disk or camera-ready art!

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