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A picture is worth a thousand words.

...and then some.



John's genetic history is definitely Euro-centric but he has yet to admit to who was where...and when. He has only confessed to German heritage and little else - which is entirely understandable. 



(John Nissen, Sr)





(Lois Cornelius)





John's continues working his gifted hand as a mixed media artist. He laments being labeled as an artist;  preferring the more aged label of craftsman because the modern glut of pitifully trained, post-BEATgen, activist artists commit undisciplined self-egoism out of immature rebellion; and their products are merely proclamations of their own personal self-absorption in personal errors of rebellion. "Let's be clear,", John says, "self-id's as personal 'gods' just do not pass muster as universal human enlightenment."


insert picture of:

 John working in

his the environment of 'universal reality'

(i.e. Erik & Jenna "assisting")


"I am a lover of science and of Truth", John commits, " I have so little time for those who think that there is something new under the sun".


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John wearing 3D glasses looking into the computer monitor.




John's time is primarily spent completing creations on contract artwork thru his personal business of Nissen Studios, which is his favored endeavor of painting, sketching and photographing highly valued family members for inquiring folks, including those beloved pet companions.

"It is most stressful",  he says. "when I am working on post-mortem figures; highly valued family members from nothing more than a set of poor photographs and vague family member descriptions. Each member of the family has a valued vision of a different posture, glance or nuance that must be committed to in the final artwork many cases can ONLY be done with a mosaic vignette focusing on those different representations.

"I love working with the family, trying to cleave myself to their vision, memory or value. I have been so often surprised that a valid, technically straightforward portraiture from a client supplied photograph fails to represent the memory of the client. This is why it is so important to meet the owner and the family and talk about the family member or pet.

It depends what the person ordering wants, whether to accentuate this behavior or that in the portrait of a pet, father, daughter or grandmother. It is possible, in a remarkable miracle to conclude a single portrait that finds the same value amongst many with different interpretations. I am reminded of the recent movie "Miracle" in which


John shown below in his TCdog ad featuring a self-portrait with his beloved companion 'Homer'


John spends his secondary livelihood working as a prototype repro-artist for The Color Guys, Inc. John has been in the graphics prototype business for 30 years. It is a business that requires absolute denial of "self". A business in which every talent you have, every insight and every nifty thought MUST be given to another...or your value drops through the floor.

A mere ghost gopher for accredited creators.

John like I, finds silence an honor - for our gift has been to task our hands to the drudgery work from so many talented creators - to which we now bend the knee this day,

Consider yourselves honored, who are the few and who are the many to which our hands have found task. Whether you hail from General Mills, Pillsbury, 3M, Honeywell, Lockheed or the loins of McDonalds, Wendy's, Dairy Queen or Sonic Drive-Ins - we have been there with you...silent and accommodating; pressuring our souls to bring YOUR favor, not ours.

After 30+ years of this environment - nothing brings panic into our psyche - nothing.

And nothing stops us from trying to serve you.